Saturday, January 14, 2012

Top 10 NFL Divisional Saturday Ad Questions

10) How does a crazed black man having his head explode ensure that my armpits won't smell?

9) Does Nastia Liukin's relative contributions to the Subway commercial show that girls can't be trusted to make sandwiches?

8) How do lions and bears know to work together to terrify lardy Carnival cruise travelers?

7) Isn't the fact that Domino's chefs want you to jump rope with their cheese something of a tell?

6) If I buy an Audi, will I start eating snow from tire tread tracks?

5) Does anyone really need a beer that's just for banquets?

4) Are Volkswagen buyers fatherhood-created eunuchs?

3) Does Denis Leary really need a microphone, or have to tell us what Motor Trend means?

2) Do I need to abuse hallucinogenics to use FedEx now?

1) How does little kids reciting John 3:16 help drive donations to an organization that tries to pray the gay away?

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