Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10 NFL Wildcard Sunday Ad Questions

10) Can I still go to my super market without risk of getting run over by idiotic Coors Light buyers?

9) Wouldn't it be cool if the Nissan didn't look like an ugly box?

8) If I order a big sandwich from Subway catering, will I lose the ability to cut it to prevent one piggish guest from eating the whole thing?

7) Did USAA have to outbid anyone else to be the official military appreciation sponsor of the NFL?

6) Can Peyton Manning tutor Aaron Rodgers on how to make less grating commercials?

5) When (not if) Southwest caves on bag fees in the near future, can we throw flags at all of their personnel?

4) If you carve team insignias into your chest hair and are ready to predict fumblerooskis, or a play that maybe happens once a year for the entire league, to start the fourth quarter, aren't you already too drunk to consume alcohol?

3) Are all Galaxy Samsung users super-manipulative bastards that arrange their friends like puppets on a string?

2) If I buy a Dodge Durango, will I spend all my time towing a bunch of crap I could not possibly afford?

1) What exactly do you have to do to be bad at tailgating, since the activity mostly involves sitting, eating, and drinking?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Having read this blog for about 2 years, I believe you are the egg mcmuffin of Philly-centric sports oriented free blogs with the term 'tool' contained twice within the blog's name

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