Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Bucs fired Raheem Morris

10) Dropping 10 in a row doesn't exactly speak to "keeping the team"

9) Allowed the most points in the history of the franchise, which is saying something, given the history of this franchise

8) Malcolm Glazer annoyed at the idea that he had to pay attention to the team

7) Wanted to make sure that he'd succeed somewhere else later in life, like so many other Buc coaches before him

6) Didn't protect home field in two continents

5) Shockingly, had problems coaching that nice LeGarrete Blount fellow

4) Keeping him would have enraged all 48 of the Bucs' season ticket holders

3) Failed to show enough military knowledge to impress Soldier Kellen Winslow

2) Just realized that he's somehow had the job for three years

1) Somehow thought the club could do better than the biggest collective quit this side of the Maginot Line

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