Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Raiders fired Hue Jackson

10) Wanted to prove that the spirit of Al Davis is alive and well

9) Had to prove to Carson Palmer for once and for all that they are, in fact, more dysfunctional than the Bengals

8) New GM Reggie McKenzie wants to get fired next year with his own guys

7) While Jackson's team set a new NFL record for penalties, they weren't the right kind of penalties

6) Wanted to have at least one coach this century who didn't carry a losing record, and Jackson's 8-8 qualifies

5) The end of the year, where Jackson's Raiders prevented Messiah Tebow from making the playoffs, was particularly tough to take for servants of evil

4) When you fire six coaches in ten years, the seventh is free

3) Jackson pushed for the Palmer trade, and since they can't run the QB, they had to run, well, someone

2) Given Hue's post-game rant after the Week 17 loss, they weren't exactly getting rid of a guy who was going to hold the job for 15 years here

1) Art Shell is available

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