Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Rams fired Steve Spagnuolo

10) Just couldn't resist the urge to hire their fourth coach in five years

9) Wanted to be well and truly sure that Sam Bradford won't work out here

8) Didn't use Stephen Jackson at the goal line, because he was just overwhelmed by more exciting options

7) Going 10-38 in three seasons will actually get you canned, even in the NFC West

6) Being -514 in scoring differential since 2009 isn't exactly a recipe for job security

5) Ownership believes that better coaching will prevent injury and make free agents happy to play for a team in a cold-weather climate that travels thousands of miles for every game

4) Knew that he was going to take a better job as a defensive coordinator somewhere else

3) It's a little-known fact that any coach that ends the year with Brandon Lloyd on his roster gets canned

2) Beating the Saints was nice and all, but not enough to justify another year of this

1) Don't understand how, given how they play in the NFC West, that they don't have a double-digit win year at some point, even if it's only through random chance

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