Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Wizards fired Flip Saunders

10) Realized this morning that they were employing Flip Saunders

9) He was failing to get defense and ball-sharing from selfless players like Nick Young, Andray Blatch and JaVale McGee

8) Going 2-15 is a solid two wins off the pace that their high standards demand

7) When you have the opportunity to hire a Randy Wittman, it really doesn't matter who you have to whack to do it

6) Only way to prevent Saunders' suicide was to prevent him from watching any more of this team

5) After previous stops in Minnesota and Detroit, Saunders could never get comfortable with the small-town media spotlight and limited dining options of the District

4) Unlike every surviving Wizard fan. not ready to tank the year

3) Didn't approve of him benching McGee for the only Wizard play that anyone will remember in the 2011-12 season

2) Wanted him to be more of a disciplinarian, which was hard for him, seeing how he really stopped giving a damn in the second half of the opening game

1) Both of the Wizards fans asked the club to make the move

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