Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 11 reasons why Jeff Lurie kept Andy Reid

11) Lurie's commitment to recycling extends to entire years of everyone's life

10) Secretly hates black coaching candidates, and would do anything to keep from having to interview one

9) Is content with the team's standing as the second-best pro sports franchise in town, assuming the Flyers or Sixers don't have a big playoff run

8) Can't hear the home fans chanting for dismissal over the sound of the cash registers from the overpriced yard being sold out every game

7) Also hates linebackers, safeties, running plays and the effective use of timeouts

6) Truly believes that next year will be the year where Reid finally works harder

5) Would hate to see all of that high-priced imported talent unhappy about anything

4) Has forgotten the no chance home field beatdown at the hands of the only good team that the club played in the last six weeks for the fools' gold 4-game winning streak against UFL-level QBs

3) Knows that Michael Vick will be healthy and not prone to turnovers next year

2) Sees that Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones change their coaches, and doesn't want to do anything that would give him something in common with them

1) The photographs, DNA samples, audio and video that Reid has of Lurie's actions in his secret basement compound would make your average college sports assistant coach giddy


BLSD said...

Shooter: I knew you were going to be pissed that CFL Reid was in fact CFL or at least Coach for One More Heartbreaking Season. I understand that you want more than you've gotten from your laundry. But consider how many fans would like to have Reid's success for their laundry. I go back to the glory days of the Oakland Raiders, when Al Davis was a real force, when Madden wasn't a game and Kenny Stabler was the Dart Thrower. Imagine how it has been for the last decade and most of the decade and half before that. Maybe, just maybe, riding it out with Reid is better than changing coaches every season. Who are you going to get who be better than Reid?

DMtShooter said...

I'm not looking for a Name; most big-name coaches fail at their second or third stop. I'm not even looking for a SB; that would be nice, but as a sports fan, if you need your team to win it all to be happy, you aren't going to be happy very often. I'm just looking for something different.

Next year's Eagle team will throw too much, fail to cover the TE, not manage the clock or timeouts, look great against weak teams and get exposed by good ones, and will not be prepared enough on a week to week basis to get a high playoff seed. They will then lose to a better team, all while having the exceptional arrogance of thinking that if they just do the same thing for another year, it'll all work out, as if making the playoffs is the only important thing, and once you get there, it's like bingo; eventually, everyone wins.

I feel for Raider Fan, and I get that most teams would kill to have had this level of success. But no matter how much you like Punxatawney, waking up to "I Got You Babe" every morning gets old. Especially when CFL is sharing the bed. And spooning.

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