Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Ten Takeaways From SanchezGate

The Jets' starting QB has been called out by the most popular athlete in New York, the anonymous backstabbing teammate, as someone who needs to be replaced. Others have gone on record to defend the third-year QB. What have we learned from the scandal?

10) Just because the Jets aren't in the playoffs and the Giants are, that doesn't mean they are content to cede the back page of the tabloids

9) If you lead the league in turnovers, eventually some members of your mouthy team are going to notice

8) Shockingly, it wasn't all Santonio Holmes' fault after all

7) When Rex Ryan is your coach, it's kind of hard to expect the players to shy away from the media

6) The organization is clearly not scared of importing another Hall of Fame retread as he enters his delusional interception years

5) Somehow, New York fans don't seem all that enamored of waiting for a wealthy pretty boy QB from Southern California who dates the underaged to develop

4) In a shocking development, Sanchez might not see 75-year-old Mark Brunell as a credible threat to his job, or a reason to work harder at his craft

3) This franchise has really never recovered from Joe Namath successfully guaranteeing a Super Bowl win

2) The Jets are a lot more fun to cover when it's about the coach's wife getting her toes sucked

1) To a large portion of the NFL audience, the respective fortunes of the Jets and Broncos is proof that there is a God, and that He has nothing better to do than fix football games

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