Friday, February 17, 2012

3am Friday Quickies (With Music!)

So we are officially into the part of the sports year where, short of writing about the obvious thing over and over aglin (oh, the typos are punny), or devolving into the site traffic and withering scorn from the audience that is pure NBA play... well, here's where the timesuck on this little hobby gets strong. You have to think hard and think long, carve out some time to get something original out there, or it's obvious to all that you are going through the motions.

Maybe with video clips. Shameless video clips.

Anyway. There's also the fact that my day job has gone to triple shifts this week. Something's gotta give, folks, and it's the long-form, actually edited and reconsidered treatments of the following three posts. So you get them, instead, Twitter Steroid Size. Eat, eat, eat.

1) 2012 is not a make or break year for Coach For Life Reid, because short of 10 losses with a healthy roster and no excuses (mutually exclusive sets), he's going to be here in 2013. Why? Because the stadium will still sell and the ratings will still be fine, and to actually cut him loose would require a fundamentally arrogant and out of touch organization to do the one thing that fundamentally arrogant and out of touch people can't do -- admit that they are not, in fact, the smartest people in the room.

So snuggle up and stick a sock in the Make Or Break Year talk, people. That was 2011; he broke and made. All over, in the potty training vibe, and we put him back in a fresh nappy and asked him to please don't do it again. Yes, that's a disgusting image. It suits them.

If you really want to call it a MOBY, you're going to have to stop watching their games and stop going to their stadium. Then convince another 3 million people for the former, and 30,000 for the latter, to do the same. Which isn't going to happen. Reid will have the job until his sense of shame makes him resign. Which, judging from his gut and kids... will not happen anytime soon. Snuggle snuggle, Coach For Life! Have another binkie. Or six.

2) I'm looking to fundamentally change everything about how I play poker, because after five years of bookwork and mixed experiences, it's time to Take Steps that I simply haven't felt that I had to do before, in that the steps are time-consuming and not very fun at all, but neither is the way I've been playing for, well, way too long.

This is where, if you play in my game, you wonder what the hell I've got in mind. And the answer is... not forthcoming. Next hand.

3) Anyone who looks at the 2012 Phils and thinks that an NL East win is the bare minimum is living in more than a little bit of dreamland. The starting 8 are almost entirely on the downside, and the right side of the infield could be up on blocks for more than a little period of time. This isn't a very good offense any more, and the best the bullpen will do is status quo. Miami got better, Washington got better, Atlanta wasn't bad until the end of year collapse, and New York... well, they are New York. But you get the point.

Anyway, would write more, but have to be up in four hours to do all of this again. Bob Mould and Sugar, play me out so that I can collect back some of those guy points I spent on Buffy?

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