Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Brief and Obvious Point About Allen Iverson Returning To The NBA

No NBA team really wants him.

Because, well, he's an undersized shooting guard who gets murdered in the post, doesn't shoot for a high enough percentage, hasn't been a part of a winning team in years and years, doesn't sell tickets anymore, and doesn't make his teams win.

Jerry Stackhouse has an NBA contact. (In Atlanta.) Tracy McGrady has an NBA contract. (Also in Atlanta. Fascinating bench, that.) Marquis Daniels and Jordan Farmer and Mike Bibby and Jamaal Tinsley and Jonny Flynn and TJ Ford and Anthony Parker and Damien Wilkins and Martell Webster and Chris Duhon and Von Wafer and Sebastian Telfair have NBA contracts. It's not the hardest thing in the world to acquire.

So, um, stories over how he's returning to the Association, or where Gilbert Arenas will land... are just silly at best, and sad at worst. If he had worth to a team, he'd be employed by one by now. Moving on.

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