Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Five Wildly Unrealistic Ways To Fix The Pro Bowl

Aaron Rodgers has come out on record as blasting the NFC roster's effort in this week's 59-41 loss. He was right, of course; the game is pointless. And far be it from me to just note that there is no reason to watch or play this thing, when we can come up with a bunch of completely never gonna happen ways to make it watchable. So let's have at it!

1) Crowd source the play calling.

We've got the technology, and there's no more than a dozen or so plays that are going to get ran in this thing. So why not put the playcalling up on the Internet, take instant votes for the next play call, and see how much things might change over the usual "wisdom" of NFL coach work?

2) Play to a point level, rather than a time.

Since no one is playing defense in this game, and there's no reason for kickers, why not just make it the first to 30? That'd get us more 2-point conversions, and maybe the onside kick or two. And since the game now can actually end early, you might get 30 minutes of hard play, rather than 60 minutes of soft.

3) Two hand touch with no helmets.

If people aren't going to hit, let's make it even more obvious, really. And we'd finally see all of the facial expressions we've been missing. Especially from the line guys who would spend the game staring at each other, having no idea what to do next.

4) Experimental penalties.

Tired of ticky tack 5-yard flags that give the offense an automatic first down? Swap them out with one play of 11 on 10. Hate false start penalties that slow down the flow of the game and seem like meaningless yards, given how easily offenses move the ball now? Make those man off plays, too. Want to see what a defense might look like with 12 or 13 on the field? Let's allow it, on special exemption plays. It's the Pro Bowl; you can't gimmick this thing up enough, really.

5) Play the game a month after the season, and make it SB Winner Vs. The League.

How much intrigue would this add, really? You'd have clear cohesion advantages for the champion, against star power all over the board. You'd also have all of the guys from the Super Bowl that might still be bearing grudges, and you've give us something to actually look forward to in the winter dead time. There's actually some drama and gambling potential this way, and a reason to actually watch the game. Plus, one more way to prevent repeat winning, or hate on the Super Bowl winning coach who tanks the game just to be in preparation for the next year. Intrigue!

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