Monday, February 13, 2012

I Have No Idea If I Should Still Be An A's Fan

It was pretty obvious a week ago; they had done their usual trade away anyone who is competent for prospects that won't work out, lose 100-110 games in a bad empty building, and basically be the punching bag for the Angels and Rangers. They were certain to play no meaningful games, have no relevant fantasy talent, and spend another year checking the EPL scores and the not going to happen move to San Jose. It had gotten to the point where I had talked with friends about which new team to root for, given that my rooting interests are somewhat toxic, and that I don't really want to end the best era in Phillies' history by finally getting on the bandwagon.

And then there's this. An actually coveted free agent, albeit an international guy of indeterminate age and almost certain short-term rental properties. And the announcement that faded wunderkind GM Billy Beane, he of the Carlos Gonzalez and Andre Ethier trades for Milton Bradley and three indifferent months of Matt Holliday, he of the 280-HR-free ABs from utter failure 1B Daric Barton, will be with the club for the long-term now. Which is supposed to have some idea of hope.

I have no idea if Yoenis Cespedes is going to be anything to write home about, and even if he's a 30-30 guy and All-Star talent, he's not dragging this collection of Quad-A's to .500. (Seriously, Kila Ka'aihue is the current front-runner at 1B. When your best idea is something that can't get ABs in Kansas City, you are not running an MLB franchise.)

But he *is* going to be drafted in fantasy leagues, assuming he doesn't fall off a cliff in spring training, despite a bad home park and weak lineup around him. I probably won't get him, but that's besides the point. The fact is that, for one tiny shining moment, the organization actually did something that could be considered competitive, or in the pursuit of winning baseball games. It might not be enough to keep me as a fan, but at least it doesn't suck.

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