Monday, February 20, 2012 Misses The Demographic

I realize that we live in an age of Photoshop, when faking things is very quick and easy.

This isn't faked.

It is, instead, an actual promotional email that I got in my box today, because I am on's list for such things.

And I guess there are portions of the email list -- female parts? Mets fans who long to watch something with more testosterone in it than the last 5+ years of effort? -- that might respond to the offer...

And since I live within range of a Broadway visit (and have, in fact, gone to more than a few shows -- American Idiot and Macbeth and Cyrano de Bergerac and The 39 Steps and Avenue Q and Speed-The-Plow and Venus In Furs among them, which is to say, stuff that profiles out as pretty masculine, and not particularly transgendered, not that there's anything wrong or right with that).... well, I guess the co-promotional marketing spam makes some *tiny* amount of sense.

But, um, still. Really?

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