Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Small And Obvious Point About The Slam Dunk Contest

I watch an awful lot of NBA basketball.

I am the commish in an NBA fantasy league. Have been for 10 years.

I watch, on average, over a dozen games a week.

I listen to NBA podcasts, read NBA feeds on Twitter, and in short, love the Association.

The NBA's new Slam Dunk champion is Jeremy Evans.

Evans plays for the Utah Jazz. For less than six minutes a game.

The Jazz are a .500 club, and I've watched a lot of their games, seeing how I own Al Jefferson on my team.

Getitng playing time on Utah should not be that difficult, honestly.

I've never seen Evans play before tonight. I've never even heard of Evans before tonight.

His dunks didn't exactly make me want to go find out more about him, though I suppose they were fine.

Um, NBA? You *might* want to encourage some of your, you know, real players to join this event again.

Or just freaking end it already...

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