Monday, February 13, 2012

A Small And Obvious Point About Terrell Owens Blaming The Media For His Image

Um, Terrible?

I know you don't actually listen to anything that doesn't come out of your own mouth, but hope springs eternal. Christian charity, and all that.

The media didn't stick a gun in your mouth and make you do sit ups in your driveway.

The media didn't kidnap your family so that you would bury every QB you ever worked with.

The media didn't cause you to crap the bed in Philadelphia, a town that would have utterly kissed your ass in a media job for decades after the Super Bowl performance, had you just shut your piehole and played.

The media, in short, does not change your utter inability to work with coworkers, put up with a little crap to get along, give the media a cliche instead of your hyperbolic crying fits every time something did not go your way.

In short... we, the people who actually watched the games and lived through the era, aren't buying your ridiculous self-delusionary account of life.

And the fact that this locker room cancer is going to keep him out of Canton, despite numbers that clearly belong there, and that he's never, ever going to understand why...

Or why he's going to spend the next three to five years of his life in a Cansecoian spiral of chasing small beer paychecks for the football equivalent of VFW wrestling shows...

Well, I'm going to enjoy that.

Not enough to buy a ticket or watch a game, of course.

Enjoy ArenaBall, Terrible...

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