Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 10 reasons the Eagles are franchising DeSean Jackson

10) Believe that the only way to get Steve Smith levels of production out of him is to pay him that way

9) Can't wait to see how much drama is created after 2011

8) As the Juan Castillo resigning shows, just dying to play 2011 in 2012

7) Ensures that the focus will remain away from the linebackers, turnovers and poor clock management

6) Can't get enough time with Drew Rosenhaus

5) Wouldn't have the opportunity to suspend him for full games against huge underdogs that turn out to be season-ending losses without making him an offer

4) After four year of not extending or signing him to a deal, feel completely comfortable with paying him $9.5 million

3) Feel that this will show any other players in the locker room that they are very, very serious about paying for performance

2) There were no incidents over the last four weeks of the season, which are the only games in the 2011 season that management cares to think about

1) No Jackson means an inordinate amount of snaps for Riley Cooper, Jason Avant and Chad Hall, which is to say, Replacement Level Or Worse NFL Wideout

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