Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Jeremy Lin is turning down endorsements

The point guard's agent, Roger Mont- gomery, reports that the newest star in the New York sky has received over 1,000 emails from organizations wanting to link his celebrity with their product... but to date, he's been hesitant to strike agreement. What's causing his reluctance?

10) Hasn't been getting enough feedback from the Almighty on which deals are the right ones to go for

9) Afraid of upsetting Carmelo and Amar'e, since they clearly should have first dibs on any of this

8) Insists on equal deals for Landry Fields and Steve Novak

7) Keeps meaning to sign a contract, but can't stop turning them over to get it done

6) Knows that between Harvard and his church affiliations, any endorsement deals would just be auto-tithed anyway

5) Still trapped in the irony loop of his merchandise being made in Chinese and Taiwanese sweatshops

4) Now that he's got a place to stay and everything, doesn't understand just what he'd do with more money anyway

3) The deal that he signed to give up his soul for basketball success excluded monetary rewards in the fine print

2) Every time he tries to sign a deal, Mike D'Antoni puts him back into the game

1) Baron Davis keeps telling him this is all a fad, and he doesn't want to disappoint any potential sponsors

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