Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 10 reasons why MLB is adding more playoff teams

10) Too many people still pay attention to the regular season

9) Want to ensure that, no matter what, we never have to endure a Yankee-free playoff

8) With more playoff games, we ensure that the tyranny of old players holding records will end

7) By giving each division winner a bye, we help to make sure the never-tiresome momentum or rest debate that sports media just can't get enough of

6) Two more teams means at least six to ten more clueless franchises that stay in the hunt in August for a fake playoff "hunt"

5) Gives us all more chances for a sub-.500 team to make the playoffs, which is, after all, the dream of every major league

4) Extra playoff games means more innings on vulnerable young arms, which means more injuries and fewer big contracts

3) No one who is still watching games remembers a real pennant race anyway

2) The wild card is Bud Selig's legacy, so if we expand it, maybe he'll go away

1) Necessary stage to that magical day when the season ends in a one-game elimination tournament with 32 teams

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