Thursday, February 9, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Oil Can Boyd cocaine revelations

10) Against all odds, he's still alive at age 52

9) That freakout game at Yankee Stadium, where Lou Pinella got him off his game by making him take off his necklaces, makes a lot more sense now

8) Shockingly, a guy named Oil Can turned out to have substance abuse issues

7) The only difference between his era and this one is that the older guys took drugs that didn't help their performance

6) Boyd says he never took a drug test, which is either BS or an absurd whiff by MLB, given his shenanigans

5) While it might sound like an excuse for Boyd to talk about bigotry shortening his career, he was a black athlete in Boston in the '80s, so you never know

4) Dennis retired with an over .500 record, so despite the obvious problems of rampant drug abuse, he was a winner, dammit

3) It's a shame he didn't pitch nowadays, because he would have had a lot more money to spend on drugs

2) Boyd claims that he pitched under the influence at every ballpark during his 10-year career, so if nothing else, you have to admire his diligence

1) You will be shocked, just shocked, to learn that he's got a book coming out

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