Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top 20 Super Bowl Commercial Questions

20) Is Will Arnett no longer funny because of the Hulu ad?

19) Do the Droid's makers know that isn't how you paint things?

18) How much did Old Navy spend to not show us their clothes?

17) Why is Budweiser trying to pretend they are a premium brand?

16) Aren't we all OK with vampire acoustic guitarists getting dusted?

15) Seeing how they've had the ability to do this for years, why hasn't Pepsi locked Elton John and Flava Flav in a dungeon before?

14) Has there been a need for America to eat naked chocolate, or is this some new form of perversion?

13) Can the Facebook twin twerps just go away now?

12) Is global warming killing the polar bears faster than Type II diabetes?

11) Are Chevy Silverado owners all going to have sex with each other in the post-apocalyptic hellscape, now that no one will make them feel bad about their homosexual tendencies?

10) Can the Bridgestone guys just run Deion Sanders over?

9) How drunk did you need to be to think that when Prohibition was outlawed, that cities and pubs were not segregated?

8) Will doing my taxes with TaxAct cause the IRS to pee on me?

7) Are Doritos eaters prone to child endangerment, or is this just a side effect of the chemicals involved?

6) If I use E*Trade, will I engage in toddler casual sex?

5) Are Chevy drivers the only thing keeping America one nation, and if so, can't they find a spokesman who isn't so close to death and prone to political views that include failing to help, well, Chevy?

4) Will Acura only sell NSX supercars to aging comedians who are no longer funny?

3) Why does Bridgestone only test basketballs with ancient players?

2) If you use monkeys to sell your product or service, aren't you pretty much admitting you have no other ideas?

1) And the final and most important question of all... wouldn't an advertiser get more PR notice for just giving away a million bucks in a contest, rather than spending over $3 million to place them during this telecast?

1 comment:

CMJDad said...

You missed one. Samsung is pushing a smartphone that uses.....a stylus? Really? Is that what we've all been missing for the past 10 or so years?

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