Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clipper Fan Clipped

So all we've heard this year in the Association is how things in ClipperLand have changed. The sexiest team in the league! Lob City! Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups, and gosh, aren't they more fun than the old sad Lakers. Tickets are hot! It's the new new thing in the town that cares more about new and sexy tha any other market in the country.

And what happened tonight in the Staples Center, with the Clips in the middle of a six game homestand, in the thick of the Pacific Division race? It was a home game for Boston, with loud and proud Green fans being plainly heard all throughout the building for most of the night, and especially in crunch time. And I'm not saying that this had any impact in the eventual Clipper loss, where the home team was down 10 in the fourth, took a four point lead, then got worked like a brown belt.

How bad was it? Clipper players were jeered for airballs. The place erupted when Ray Allen returned from an injury late. You could hear Griffin getting heckled at the line. All for a Celtics team that looks DOA, that gave up a late lead on this very floor to lose the Lakers.

I get that Boston Fan is everywhere; after all, leaving Boston is a time-honored tradition among people who have to tell you how wonderful the place is. I also get that they have money, seeing as how they were able to get the hell out of Boston. But dammit, Clipper Fan, you had a clear opportunity tonight, on national television (yest, the Lemur counts). I also get that you don't really exist, since your franchise has been a sad exploitative joke, ran by the most venal man in the history of NBA ownership (a high standard, that), and that the temptation to scalp this ticket had to be a new and unique experience for you.

But, um, still. It's Boston. The team that every decent NBA fan should hate. And you have them a de facto home game when they needed it most, and got the result you deserve.

And one more reason, not that they are going to be lacking for them, when Paul and Griffin can think about a free agent escape elsewhere...

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