Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The FTT Movie Review: Chasing Ghosts

Have you ever wondered about your place in life, and questioned whether or not your hobbies are valid, your success with the gender of your choice not up to par, or the merits of your life choices?

If so, then run, do not walk, to your Netflix-enabled glowing video rectangle and spin "Chasing Ghosts", a documentary of all of the people who have spent way, way, way, way, way too much time and trauma inside of video game arcades.

I hope you are sitting down for this news: they are all white, male, and not looking like anybody you would ever want to meet in person. Shocking, right?

The vast majority of the documentary is back in the '80s, the heyday of the mania, and if you don't experience deja vu for the era, you are probably, well, not very old.

Here are some actual lines of dialogue spoken by these dead ends of DNA...

"Of course I want to keep my high score. That's what makes me special and different from everybody else."

"What could be better in life than a 64 ounce Pepsi and a slice of pizza, and get to play video games all day?"

"I tried to get the Robotron world record, but I could only last for 25 hours."

"Sure, there were groupies."

"Air Supply was there!"

And, well, dozens more, really. If you loved "King of Kong", and who didn't, really, you'll love this. And get to spend more time with Billy Mitchell, the dark lord of mullet video game play, and a man that desperately needs a decade-long ass-whipping.

Honestly, the whole thing is well worth your spin; it's oddly life-affirming, really...

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