Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Small Note To ESPN's "The Wire" Nerds

(What can I tell you, folks? I looked at the Lemur today. It's a hard habit to break.)

You are still nerds.

Yes, your show might be one of the best things ever made on television. It's panoply of rich characters, exceptional acting and spectacular writing should have been more recognized in its time, rewarded to its proprietors, and everyone involved should be able to find work in Hollywood and beyond, for the rest of their days.

It's still just a television show. And by the way, I really like it, might eventually buy it on DVD after renting and watching the whole thing, and might even show it to my daughters in, oh, another five to ten years. Assuming they actually are interested in such things.

But, um, it's a TV show. One that isn't coming back, making new (Treme, the New Orleans based show that's current and done by some of the same people, really just isn't as good), getting revived into a movie, turned into a graphic novel or any other damned thing.

The reason why is that it ended after five seasons, and more or less said everything it had to say. Omar, the beloved Wild Westian shotgun toting most badass gay man ever, died. Stringer Bell, the Gates-esque drug and crime lord with style to spare, to the point where you pretty much wanted him to get away with it, died. Bubbles, the heartbreaking heroin addict, didn't really have anything more to do. You know what the self-destructive cops are going to do; to wit, the same things, over and over again, until retirement or death.

It's done. It was great. You don't really need to talk about it anymore. And you don't even get to wear pointy ears when you waste time, electrons, and perfectly good spew on it. (The same, by the way, goes for your humping of the dry corpse that is "Friday Night Lights.")

Oh, and there's also this...

If you keep telling me how much you like it, I won't be able to anymore. Since having anything in common with y'all is increasingly indefensible...

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