Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 10 Jerome Simpson Drug Plea Takeaways

10) If you somehow thought this team was getting cleaned up after Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens left, oh child, no

9) Between his flip touchdown and LeGarrete Blount's touchdown, it really wasn't a good year for highlight players

8) When you see someone get two pounds of weed, it usually means dealer, but Simpson is an athlete, after all

7) The plea could get his jail time reduced to 60 days, or just long enough to pretty much assure he's going to be useless for a year of football

6) You'd think that a team would want no part of a guy like this, but the Bengals did draft him, and the new contract won't exactly cost much

5) Compared to Chris Henry, this is one of the better recent draft picks at the position for the team

4) This sort of takes the gleam off the rose for a franchise that actually, remember, made it to the playoffs last year

3) In case you are keeping track of such things, this makes four Bengals arrested or indicted in the last eight months, or right on par with their historical

2) We've finally found a WR who has a worse idea of marketing himself in his walk year than DeSean Jackson

1) On some level, maybe it would just be easier if Roger Goodell set up a room in Bengal colors for hearings, just to make things move a little easier

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