Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Celtics are thinking about trading Rajon Rondo

10) Considering the rest of the roster, he's clearly on the wrong side of 30

9) It's not as if there's much else here with real trade value

8) Once you've seen a man throw a ball at a referee, can never, you know, un-see it

7) There's just something not right about a point guard that can't hit free throws

6) The Celtics have somehow talked themselves into the notion that they can get someone better for him

5) Every time they threaten to trade him, he generally plays a hell of a lot better

4) Part of the annual tradition of looking like a dogmeat team before flicking the switch for the playoffs

3) He keeps making the tactical mistake of being black, talented and moody while playing in Boston

2) Any guy that actually expresses irritation about missing the All-Star Game is just clearly too tone-deaf to be the best player on your team

1) Danny Ainge is smart enough to know that this team is beyond the event horizon of winning the East, so blowing it up and starting over doesn't exactly fill him with terror

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