Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Colts are releasing Peyton Manning

10) While he is a four-time MVP, there's really not much of a chance of him making it five here

9) Unlike Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, his time in the 40 doesn't really exist

8) Far too many fans of the franchise haven't bought a new jersey in this millennium

7) You can't really find anyone in NFL history who gets $2 million in bonus for every year of service

6) There's a reasonable chance that he's actually broken and not fixable

5) Liked him before he did all of those damned commercials

4) Have to cut him loose as soon as he became the Manning with the least rings

3) He's working out at Duke now, so the organization thinks that the fan base must hate him now

2) The Colts have decided that some other team can pay for the 3I portion -- injured, ineffective and intercepted -- of his career

1) Um, if you ran the club, you'd do it too

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