Saturday, March 10, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Jets signed Mark Sanchez

10) Confident that if they pay him like a top QB, he'll magically become one

9) Best way to save face from the inevitable Peyton Manning rejection

8) Were bidding against themselves, and the Jets have very deep pockets

7) Think this is the way to really send a message to Santonio Holmes

6) He was their only effective running back in the red zone last year

5) Believe that paying nearly $15 million per playoff win is entirely justifiable

4) Really think he can be the best QB in the franchise's history, which says a lot more about the franchise than it does Sanchez

3) Secretly really excited to see what boneheaded thing he does next, as they own a stake in Deadspin and TMZ

2) By the incredibly poor standards of USC quarterbacks, he's doing great

1) Didn't want to scrap everything they had into a new offensive system that might, you know, actually work one of these years

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