Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Peyton Manning chose Denver

10) Has decided to devote the rest of his playing days to ending Skip Bayless' Tebow service

9) The murderer's row of Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders reminded him a lot of the candy-corn division he just left

8) Wants to change his weak record in starts in games that are below 40 degrees

7) Knows that if Eric Decker and DeMaryius Thomas looked good with Tebow, they must be borderline Pro Bowlers

6) Staying in the AFC doubles the chance of a Manning in the Super Bowl, which is vital for their commercial endorsements

5) Really wanted to join the legacy of outstanding Bronco QBs like Bubby Brister, Jake Plummer and Kyle Orton

4) Denver fulfills his need to ply his trade in a town where he can easily recognize his African-American teammates around town

3) Wanted to join a team where he wasn't the biggest... ok, I can't even finish the joke, really

2) He secretly hates John Elway so much that he wants to own all of his club records, too

1) Thought hard about going to San Francisco, but felt there was no way to live up to Alex Smith's legacy

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