Saturday, March 10, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Redkins traded for the #2 pick in the draft

10) After multiple years of watching Rex Grossman and John Beck, you'd be prone to desperate and rash actions as well

9) Robert Griffin III is so fast he doesn't need an offensive line, or wideouts

8) Winning the headlines in March is the only real goal for this franchise

7) It's not as if the Redskins picks could possibly be very very high in subsequent drafts

6) Just got tired of never having their quarterback drafted in fantasy leagues

5) Needed to remind everyone that they were still in the league

4) Totally convinced they can turn the pick around and trade it for even better picks from some even stupider team

3) Completely impressed by the quality and severity of this year's hype about the available QBs, which is totally unlike any other year's hype about the available QBs

2) Really didn't want to be mocked for mortgaging the future for a broken-down has-been QB when they could do it for an unproven never-was

1) It takes increasingly drastic moves to make Redskins Fan remember that the ownership has not changed, and that they are, in fact, doomed

1 comment:

snd_dsgnr said...

So RGIII practicaly needs to be John Elway now, right? I mean, three first round picks, wow. Just wow.

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