Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from PeytonPalooza

10) You will excuse Dolphin Fan if he throws up a lot over losing out on Peyton and Matt Flynn for... Alex Smith

9) Somehow, this whole thing made you think about Chad Henne, and for that, the NFL sincerely apologizes

8) David Garrard is also in the mix for Miami, which means that we're now in the non-QB part of the process, and will get Dolphin Fan right into the drinking Drano part of the program

7) The only people more irritated with the Cardinals dropping out of the running to stay with Kevin Kolb than Cardinal Fans... are Larry Fitzgerald's fantasy owners

6) Flynn went to Seattle in a move that, amazingly, won't attract an awful lot of national attention, unlike everything else that goes on in Seattle

5) Just in case Dolphin Fan has pulled his head out of the oven, he can always wind up sticking with Matt Moore

4) If Peyton winds up signing with Denver, it's proof that Jebus has totally fallen out of love with Tim Tebow

3) Somehow in all of this, Colt McCoy still has a starting job

2) If Peyton goes to Tennessee and comes back to haunt the Colts for years and years to come, it will be the first time that bitter old Baltimore Colt fans will be on his side

1) The NFL's salary cap penalty on the Redskins really was the only thing that kept Daniel Snyder from signing him in to mentor Robert Griffin III

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