Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Tim Tebow going to New York

10) Between him and Jeremy Lin, it's clear that born-again Christians are gravitating to that hotbed of religion, Manhattan

9) Finally, the Jets have a halfway decent running back

8) Just in case you were wondering whether or not John Elway and the Broncos had personal antipathy towards him, think about whether or not he'd do better here or Jacksonville

7)The deal helps the Jets win the biggest prize in their world: back page coverage

6) Somehow, the idea that this franchise is supposed to compete with the Bills, let alone the Patriots, is starting to seem kind of silly

5) If this doesn't get Santonio Holmes cozying up to Mark Sanchez, nothing will

4) The fact that the Jets gave up picks and cash to get a guy that might have been released in a few weeks is, well, Jet-esque

3) There may never have been a worse week for the jersey sales of one particular athlete who used to move major units

2) Joe Namath thinks this is a publicity stunt, and well, he should know

1) While the Jets might not be any good last year, at least there will be interesting. if you find double-digit loss teams interesting

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