Monday, March 26, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Tim Tebow's Jets press conference

10) Like his new coach, he's also a fan of washing the feet of dirty, dirty sinners

9) Tebow would have also been happy to be a Jaguar, since that's probably where he'll be in a couple of years anyway

8) He's looking to expand his role, which is nice, seeing how the Jets have no good RBs

7) If he can make Jet Fan forget all about Brad Smith, he'll know the trade was a success

6) He liked the Jets' appearance on "Hard Knocks", because it taught him all new words that he's never heard before

5) Tebow is certain that if he gets another crack at those Patriots, he won't lose by more than four or five touchdowns

4) Is looking forward to introducing New Yorkers to this Jesus fellow, who clearly hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention locally

3) Will sacrifice his morals to the extent that he will try an egg cream, despite the fact that it has neither egg nor cream in it

2) Feels that he and Mark Sanchez are going to have a great relationship, since they both struggle with accuracy, are mind-boggingly overrated, and enjoy converting the underaged

1) Likes what he's seen so far of the Jets, since they must give every new player their own press conference if he's getting one

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