Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top 12 reasons why Alex Smith came back to San Francisco

12) Thinks that with a just a bit more seasoning and better weapons at wideout, he can make everyone forget Jim Drucken- miller

11) Like everyone else who plays for the Niners, is secretly... fond of the uniform's color scheme and logo

10) Miami would rather sign David Garrard, which just isn't one of those sentences that you expect to read in English

9) Can't wait to kill all of the fantasy twerps who draft Randy Moss anyway

8) He could have gone to Cleveland, but that would have involved going to Cleveland

7) After everything he's been through in this laundry, a few more weeks of ridicule and embarrassment is barely noticeable

6) Making $8 million a year to not be a QB very often really isn't that bad of a gig

5) Thinks he can hold off Colin Kaepernick for at least another month or two

4) Jim Harbaugh made nice over the Peyton Manning thing by actually buying Smith lunch at Applebee's

3) Accepts the idea that as soon as he beats Drew Brees in another playoff shootout, they'll totally renegotiate his contract

2) With Manning going to Denver instead of Arizona, the division should remain cottony-soft

1) Niner Fan has promised to never chant for David Carr again

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