Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 12 reasons why the Niners signed Randy Moss

12) His track record in Oakland just speaks for itself

11) With the Bay Area's strict laws against the improper use of medicinal marijuana, his former usage won't be any kind of an issue

10) Didn't exactly learn their lesson from the Braylon Edwards Experience

9) Michael Crabtree is just crying out for a mentor, really

8) 35-year-old speed wideouts with attitude problems always get better with age

7) Unlike his previous stints for the Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Vikings and Titans, he's promised to try this time

6) Haven't done anything to undermine Alex Smith in months

5) Believe that, with him, they can double or even triple their WR output from the NFC Championship game (1 catch, 3 yards)

4) If they can get him just one touchdown, he passes Terrell Owens for second on the NFL career list, which is just a special little moment, really

3) Think he's the best fit for their needs, because there are no other WRs of note available in free agency

2) Jim Harbaugh thought last year's team was far too easy to manage

1) Certain that a QB who doesn't throw deep, when paired with a WR who doesn't run hard, is sure to stretch the field and make everything easier for the rest of the offense

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