Friday, March 23, 2012

Woo, Corruption

So my college laundry, Syracuse, survived to the Elite Eight tonight by playing old-school basketball, in which you give up contested long jump shots for controlling the boards. Since college hoop is no longer about that, and Wisconsin made 14 three point attempts, it nearly killed them, but a one-point win later, everyone's least favorite #1 seed is through the fourth game for the first time since Carmelo Anthony.

And yes, I'm poaching on a sport that I have no interest in, and for a school that I don't donate to, buy merch for, or even hang up the diploma... because, well, I enjoy the narrative of an obviously corrupt program, ran by a doddering and annoying old man, being Clutch. Clutch, of course, is pretty silly and random, and had Wisconsin gotten any offensive rebounds (which, no matter how overmatched you are in the front court, does not usually fall as hard for one team as it did for SU tonight), this may be a very different story. But if you shoot 55% from the floor in a game slow pace against a team that tries three times as many threes as you do, and don't lose on turnovers... you should win. Even if it's only by a point.

Next up is an Ohio State team that's the #2 seed, and if my laundry wins, I might finally watch some of this. No promises. Woo, corruption!

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