Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Small And Painful Point About Jamie Moyer and the Rockies

This doesn't give me any real joy to write, of course. It's basically the baseball equivalent of arguing for the euthanasia of a beloved pet.

But if a 49-year-old guy is your #2 starter, and he's a marginal at best candidate to keep the job for any real length of time between his own effectiveness and health concerns...

Well, that's not really a great thing to say about your organization, or the way you seek and find talent, is it?

Especially when it's April, when healthy pitchers should not be hard to find, and the games all matter a lot, because everyone is in the playoff hunt and setting the tone early is important.

Look, I get that Jamie Moyer is adorable on every level. I get that he gives hope to Middle Aged Men everywhere, that he's been getting guys out with smarts over stuff for decades, that he's overcome odds and realities that have ended the careers of tens of thousands of guys before him.

I even get that he might be one of Colorado's five best ideas to start a game right now, seeing how the organization is in a serious state of flux after the Ubaldo Jimenez trade last year, and that perhaps this April fling with the aged is just a way to delay the clock of a guy who will cost them a lot of money later.

I also get that reacting to one poor start against one poor team is unfair on every level, and that he's got a track record of following poor starts with good ones.

I get all of that. Really, I do.

But it all comes down to one thing: do you want a guy who has squeezed every last molecule of toothpaste in the tube on the mound for you...

Or would you rather have a guy who might actually have fresh product behind?

And if the Rockies released him right now, would he get another start from anyone else in the majors?


Five Tool Ninja said...

I know he's just not very good anymore, but as a middle-aged guy, my affection for Jaime Moyer transcends reasonable analysis.

My favorite Moyer stat, courtesy of MLB's Facebook feed:

Moyer has pitched to 8.9% of batters. That is, 8.9% of all batters in the history of MLB.

(There have been approximately 16,000 guys with plate appearances. Moyer has pitched to over 1,400 of them.)

Anonymous said...

He's not their #2 starter. He started their 2nd game because the way their opening schedule works with the Tuesday off day allowing to go with a 4 man rotation first time through. This also allowed a fresh bullpen as I don't think anyone was expecting him to go more than 5 innings. (And I'm sure they'd rather have him face the Astros than the Giants.) I'm sure you'll see him as their # 5 guy from now on. To his credit, though most pitchers can probably point to 1 or 2 at bats that lost the game, that was clearly the case with the back to back jacks. Two pitches lost the game for him - lets not give up yet. (Yes, I am forcing myself somewhat to be optimistic about it.)

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