Monday, April 23, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Atlanta Falcons turned down HBO's "Hard Knocks"

10) Afraid that the network would find out about the QB's shameful secret criminal activities

9) Roddy White and a live mic isn't exactly a recipe for team harmony

 8) Just not able to match Rex Ryan's standard for HBO-ready dialogue

7) Worried that if they appear on the show, people would start noticing how they never actually win any playoff games

6) Don't want the world to know just what's involved in keeping Tony Gonzalez and John Abraham upright

5) Need to keep Matt Bryant's collection of children's teeth as far from the media as possible

4) Know that, if they did this, Brent Grimes would spawn off with 25 different women in an attempt to raise the bar for CBs on the show

 3) Would feel bad after telling Michael Turner that he was going to be a big part of the show, only to see his role reduced

2) Mike Smith was given the final decision to kick away the opportunity or go for it, and he's not really the guy you want to make that decision

 1) HBO might be total jerks and point out the uncomfortable truth about how Atlanta Fan is the worst fanbase in sports


Anonymous said...


Dwayne Falcon said...

Hurtfull, but most are unfortunatly true.

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