Friday, April 20, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Donovan McNabb thinks he should be in the Hall of Fame

10) Made multiple NFC title games with, no, seriously, Todd Pinkston as his deep threat

9) Certain that as time goes by, career numbers for QBs aren't going to inflate at all

8) Nothing done under Daniel Snyder or Brad Childress actually counts as being in the NFL

7) Being the best QB in the history of the Eagles should matter on some level

6) Paves the way for Jeff Garcia and Kevin Kolb

5) It's not as if anyone else could get Andy Reid to a Super Bowl

4) Didn't kill Terrell Owens, despite ample opportunity and countless motives

3) Won a whole lot of games to be able to lose the games that people actually remember

2) His stats totally compare to guys that did more in playoff games

1) Would finally be able to put to rest the doubts that the Eagles really should have drafted Ricky Williams instead


BLSD said...

As a long time Phiily guy, how do you feel about Donny's Hall credentials? I don't have an opinion myself. But I think there are four or five reasons he will have a tough time getting in.

1. His recent talk about how he is a Hall of Famer. Gonna hurt, I think.

2. The last two seasons. Man, he was terrible.

3. Puking and sleeping walking through the last minutes of a winnable game in his only SB.

4. No ring.

5. No It. As much as I despise what Bretty Boy became, he had It. Don't believe Donny ever had It.

DMtShooter said...

I love Five, but he's high if he thinks he's going to Canton on anything but a guess pass. 1-4 in NFC Championships games, three of which were at home, and 0-1 in a Super Bowl where clock management was a major problem, and he was picked 3 times. The stats aren't overwhelming now and won't look better when he's eligible, and he doesn't have such a cozy relationship with coaches and writers to get in on grease. Lastly, you don't talk about getting in if you are marginal: you get others to beat the drums for you and act demure. Don never did that.

He's the best in my laundry's history, and he's not even close to being good enough. And people wonder why we're bitter.

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