Friday, April 20, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Dwight Howard's season-ending injury

10) We know it's totally legit because Howard will also miss the Olympics, and no one ever wants to do that

9) This is totally Ryan Anderson's chance to make an awful lot of money

8) Stan van Gundy is thrilled to learn that Howard is going to be totally healthy for the next coach of the Magic

7) The fact that Howard issued various reasons as to why the injury is legit isn't in any way suspicious

6) Finally, Glen Davis is a go-to guy

5) Hedo Turkoglu is totally convinced that Howard timed this to steal his injury spotlight

4) If this doesn't stop his string of Defensive Player of the Year awards, nothing will

3) There's something very wrong in an NBA season in which Dwight Howard gets hurt and Andrew Bynum is healthy

2) Finishing second in the East and drawing the resurgent Knicks doesn't seem like such an accomplishment over finishing third and playing the Dwight-less Magic now

1) Orlando is totally OK with not trading him now, since big men with back issues always come back completely

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