Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Jason Peters' season-ending Achilles' injury

10) Eagle Fan is taking this with his usual sanguine and hopeful attitude

9) Many NFC East defensive backs are sleeping a lot better with the realization that those 325+ pounds of runaway truck aren't going to be coming for them in 2012

8) Feel free to use this information to try to get Shady McCoy's fantasy owner to move him in a panic deal

7) We're all going to get a lot more familiar with ex-7th round pick King Dunlap, which is to say, we're all going to start really hating King Dunlap

6) At least this will give Danny Watkins a chance to, um, shine

5) There's no chance that the Eagles' notoriously callous front office uses this news to, say, cut Peters ASAP

4) It's all going to be OK, because OL coach Howard Mudd is such a genius, he can turn Kyle DeVan from a waiver wire pick up to a waiver wire entry

3) At least it happened before the draft, so the team can reach for this position, rather than, say, draft a linebacker or safety that isn't a total washout

2) It's totally our fault as Eagle Fans, since we were starting to feel hope after the team's other off-season moves

1) Because we once threw snowballs at yada yada yada, we can't have nice things

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