Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top 11 Takeaways From The NBA Playoffs

11) Iman Shumpert's injury means that Dwyane Wade will have to roast some other Knick for the next three games

10) Rajon Rondo's ref bump to non-suspension is about to give us the best example yet of how the Association favors the Celtics

9) Dallas continues to believe that if Dirk Nowitzki isn't the best player in basketball, the refs should make him so

8) Derrick Rose's injury now means that the title is now the Heat's to choke, choke, choke, CHOKE away

7) Zach Randolph did three push-ups after getting decked, because the Memphis crowd has miraculous healing powers

6) Jeremy Lin says he's going to come back during the Heat series, just to remind everyone that he's still on the Knicks, and in the league

5) Kobe Bryant has been teaching Andrew Bynum how to back-door people from Colorado

4) Not that anyone is noticing, but the Spurs are the #1 seed in the West and winning without much effort at all

3) Orlando showed that the post-Dwight Howard Era doesn't necessarily have to be devoid of sunshine, air and puppies

2) On the off chance that you were starting to wane in your hatred of James, he flopped like a pro wrestler from the '50s and had his Nike designer gloat about Rose's injury

1) Memphis hasn't been this depressed since Elvis died on his toilet and was buried like a hamster in his backyard

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