Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 things Mickey Loomis learned from eavesdropping on the Saints' opponents

10) They really worried a lot about that Drew Brees guy

9) In terms of thwarting the opposition, you really didn't get much better than Hurricanes and tranny hookers

8) They were surprisingly uninterested in "Treme"

7) The Saints' bounty program wasn't exactly unique

6) The NFL was totally out to get them for not moving the team to Los Angeles

5) Andy Reid sounds even worse than he looks when he eats

4) When you listened to the Patriots' coaching staff, it was always in the original Latin and Aramaic

3) It might have been a hint when people walked through the area loudly proclaiming how unauthorized wiretapping is a federal crime

2) You really, absolutely, could not tell Jim Haslett anything

1) Super secret football stuff, since football games are only won by super secret genius coach moves

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