Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top 10 signs you aren't prepared for the Stanley Cup playoffs

Here you go, long suffering hockey fans (which is to say, hockey fans) who still read FTT... the annual hockey post! (Mostly to placate the Shooter Brother, who loves him some hockey.)

10) You really like Edmonton's chances

9) You think Philadelphia finally solved it's goalie problem

8) You look at Vancouver's uniforms and ask, "When did Hartford get a team again?"

7) You still think Sidney Crosby will stay healthy

6) Every time you hear the Kings' goalie called Quick, you wonder why they aren't telling you his real name

5) You wonder when the Rangers will ever be good again

4) You think Wayne Gretzky gives Phoenix the edge

3) You expect to see some of these highlights on ESPN

2) You think this Mike Keenan guy knows what he's talking about

1) You actually think you can make money while betting on this

1 comment:

Dirty Davey said...

You left out the real #1 -- you aren't prepared for the Stanley Cup playoffs if you're a member of the Washington Capitals!

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