Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 10 Takeaways From Clippers-Grizzlies Game Five

10) There were more Clippers without technical fouls than Clippers with, but it was a close thing

9) No team gets away from a successful paint game more than this Grizzly team

8) If this Mo Williams had played in Cleveland, LeBron James might... well, forget it, he'd still be ringless

7) Memphis Fan booed Blake Griffin when he got hurt, which means that the game must have actually been played in Philadelphia

6) Chris Paul's numbers are pretty good for only playing for half a quarter

5) If you need a guy to coach away a fourth quarter lead, Lionel Hollins might be the best coach on the planet

4) The idea that Reggie Evans has played much of this series without shooting free throws from intentional fouls late in the game is just kind of astonishing

3) Memphis Fan helpfully told Paul that he was sucking, just to make sure that he stopped

2) As much fun as this series has been, there's no chance in hell that either of these teams are doing a thing with the Spurs next week

1) Everyone is shocked, just shocked, to see that the Clips didn't have the discipline necessary to keep their poise in a road closeout game

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