Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 10 Pacers-Heat Game One Takeaways

10) Since LeBron James wished all of the moms a happy Mother's Day, America is now anti-mother

9) Chris Bosh left with an abdominal strain, surprising most of America with the fact that he has any guts to sprain

8) It was nice of the Pacers to stay in the game long enough to generate ratings for ABC for the full allotment of time

 7) Seriously, there's never been a better shot blocker at shooting guard than Dwyane Wade

6) Indy missed a lot of free throws they usually make, in that they usually aren't playing a freakishly athletic team on the road in Game One of a nationally televised series

5) Shane Battier is a shell of the defensive player he once was, which means he's only a top 10 kind of guy

4) Roy Hibbert and David West are nice players and all, but if they are your go-to guys late, the only place you are going is home

3) James had a 32-15-5, which would be notable ad laudable if it happened in a championship-clinching effort, but since it didn't, LeBron can go screw himself

 2) In the time it took you to read, Danny Granger's shooting percentage has not gotten any better, and given how low it is right now, that hardly seems possible

1) Indy didn't have a field goal in the last 4 and half minutes, because when Miami plays Real Defense, that's just what, well, happens

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