Monday, May 28, 2012

Celtics - Heat Game One Top 30 Takeaways

30) The first 4 minutes, which saw 8 total points and translates to a 60-48 final, should let everyone know that the East Is Least

29) In going from Elton Brand to Rony Turiaf, Kevin Garnett should really step up in productivity

28) There's a reasonable argument to be made that says that Ray Allen is no longer ever a quality NBA bench player

27) On LeBron James' first steal and slam, no Celtic crossed half court to contest, which made me wonder why he didn't just try the straight on 3 first

26) Miami's athleticism is such an obvious advantage, it seems odd that it isn't apparent on every play

25) If Joel Anthony is going to have utility, this series isn't going long

24) This game was so dull early, the ESPN analysts started talking about pant colors

23) Boston scored 11 points in the first quarter and looked about as good as you might imagine doing it

22) Mike Miller hit a couple of three pointers and grabbed a few offensive boards, and when that happens, this team gets a double digit lead with a quickness

21) Garnett scored 13 of the Celtics first 21 points, which would be more entertaining if it happened in less than 16 minutes of game time

20) Garnett, Rondo and Rivers picked up a technical foul for being themselves, which is to say, they were all deserved

19) I'd have more to say about this game, but the paint on my walls started to seem really interesting by comparison

18) After 21 minutes of ugly, the Celtics drew back to a 2-point game, because that's what's going to happen for this entire series

17) You'd think that, by now, opponents would know not to leave Paul Pierce by himself, or to leave the Celtics hanging around

16) Say this for Miami Fan: they really know how to bring the energy of a preseason game to a playoff to throw off the opponent

15) If you like 90 foot passes for layups, there really only is the Heat

14) The Celtics seemed more interested in fighting the refs tonight, more than the Heat

13) You have to love the clearly audible F-bomb that happened in this one, in that it was a little bit entertaining and unexpected, unlike the rest of the game

12) James blocking Rondo with 3:20 left in the third was only a little bit porn-tastic

11) It's going to be fun to listen to Boston Fan pule about the refs in this one, because they might actually have cause for once, even though they got blown out

10) Good ball movement, when it ends in a mid-range jumper for Udonis Haslem, is not really good ball movement

9) The Celtics seem, at least from the media coverage, to be the only team in the NBA that might break up their team in the off-season

8) I'd kind of hoping that both teams can play better than this, because it was all kinds of dull, really

7) When the Miami offense turns into Spent Guy Misses A Corner Three, they aren't that intimidating

6) Wade took this game over on both ends, but to be honest, when you get as little lift as the Cs get, blocking shots should happen a lot

5) James clowned Garnett with 3:44 left on an offensive board, because he really does care about having America like him again

4) James is the only guy in the NBA who can throw down a 32-13-3 and make you think he's had an ordinary game

3) When Allen and Pierce combine to shoot 6 for 25, the Celtics aren't beating a lottery team, let alone the defending conference champions

2) Miami Fan leaves early, regardless of what's going on in the game, and seeing how his team never trailed, maybe they have a point

1) If we are all very lucky, there won't be many more games of this

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