Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celtics - Heat Game Two Top 30 Takeaways

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad KG
30) At some point when Rajon Rondo is dominating, you have to wonder what his game would be like if his jump shot was a consistent positive

29) LeBron James had one rebound in his first 26 minutes, which is the secret sauce of how to limit his effectiveness

28) You will be shocked, shocked to learn that a game after picking up a bunch of technicals, the Celtics got the better of the officiating

27) Dwyane Wade blocking Ray Allen in the open court felt inevitable seconds before it happened

26) Boston built a 15-point lead that in no way felt like much more than an inconvenience

25) When Miami plays without a point guard, they still generally play with Wade, who is more of one than 15 other teams have

24) In the first 33 minutes, the Boston bench scored 2, count 'em, two, points

23) The James punch block leading to the Wade three-point play with 95 seconds left in the third quarter is the epitome of this Heat team

22) In the time that you took to read this, Greg Stiesma committed another foul

21) The Garnett make at the end of the third stopped the avalanche, at least for the moment

20) Rondo is going to get bench time in this series when he begs for it

19) No one in the history of the Association takes a cheap shot and then raises his hands as if innocent faster than Kevin Garnett

18) If Rondo's never going to leave the floor, Miami really needs to sacrifice players and press him on every possession

17) Paul Pierce's defensive goaltend with 6:40 left was so blatant, even Boston Fan agreed with the call

16) Miami's failure to get any meaningful Celtic in foul trouble allowed Doc Rivers to go monster minutes with his starters

15) James' troubles at the free throw line are a strong indicator towards any Heat loss

14) Battier's corner three to tie it with 130 seconds left was the first time he's ever hit a shot like that in a Final Four series, which means he must be clutch or something

13) The Heat gambled and lost for a steal, leading to Allen's tying three, and good God, haven't we seen that move a thousand times before

12) The Heat players were 10 for 48 in close and late situations with 30 seconds left in regulation, and ended it as 10 for 50

11) Why James doesn't give the refs a chance to bail him out on his inevitable end of game miss, we'll never know

10) Had James made either of the clear path foul shots in the fourth, this game ends in regulation for Miami

9) Rondo's performance tonight might make everyone reconsider the idea that he's not the best point guard in the world

8) Wade got away with smacking Rondo on the head, then got an and-one on a leg kick, as Mavs Fan nodded their heads with screaming Celtic Fan

7) After this series is over, the Celtics won't have to break up the Big 3; they can just send them to a hospice for exhaustion and overuse

6) Wade only took 15 shots in 40 minutes on a night where James was struggling with his shot, because Erik Spoelstra is a super-genius

5) While I well and truly hate both of these teams, both showed incredible resilience and gave us an amazing game tonight

4) Pierce left early, possibly to find a magic foul reducing wheelchair

3) Boston showed tonight that they can make this a series, but it's such a thin and old team, it's still hard to see how

2) The world really wasn't prepared for an ECF game to be the best one yet in the final four

1) I don't think I've ever seen a better effort in a losing effort than what Rondo did tonight, and that includes the Dominique Wilkins - Larry Bird battle

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