Saturday, May 12, 2012

Grizzlies - Clippers Game Six: Top Twenty Takeaways

20) Wizard Fan (just play along that he exists) has to be thrilled to learn that JaVale McGee and Nick Young just needed playoff exposure to get good

19) Randy Foye forgetting his feet with 24.1 left was exceptionally Clipper-esque

18) This entire series has been a race for the Clips to win four games before last year's Zach Randolph showed up

17) Memphis got every loose ball, 50-50 ref call (the Tony Allen non-travel with 24.9 left being the cardinal example) and offensive rebound for much of the fourth quarter, and yet it was still a game

16) This was Chris Paul's worst game of the series, which makes you wonder if he's run out of gas / is seriously hurt / is well and truly exhausted from carrying this team for this long

15) If Memphis had simply not gagged up a monumental lead in Game 1, this series would already be over

14) There's no way a team should be out rebounded by this much in a potential closeout game at home

13) The Grizz kept missing free throws late just to make this closer than it had any right to be

12) The Clips led by eight in the fourth with all of the momentum, but then they remembered that they are, in fact, the Clippers

11) The defining play of this game was the Clippers hitting a 3 to cut it to 2, and then failing to cover Mike Conley on an inbounds play as he dribbled the remaining time off the clock

10) Listening to Jeff van Gundy praise Vinny del Negro reminds all of us that professional opportunities in America can be amazing and abundant

9) Caron Butler is here to remind all of us that just because you are tough, does not mean you have to be very good at basketball

8) At some point, someone is going to have to notice Marc Gasol's relative lack of effectiveness in the second half and wonder if he just doesn't have the conditioning necessary to finish

7) Nobody rolls a ball up the court before the clock starts slower than these Clips

6) Every minute that Gilbert Arenas is on the court for the Grizz is a minute that you can have all of your suspicions about Lionel Hollins' lack of intellect confirmed

5) Eric Bledsoe was more than a little awesome, but he did get to go against the backup Grizz guards, after all

4) This series showed that if you want to see a great collection of games, it sometimes helps to stay far away from teams that might actually have a chance to win it all

3) The world will little note nor long remember Hamed Haddadi's three minutes of court time tonight, but it was oddly critical

2) Randolph in an elimination game looks a whole lot better than Blake Griffin, and backed up his Clippers Flop Smack

1) I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen in Game Seven, because both of these teams defy prediction or explanation

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