Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heat - Pacers Game Six Top 10 Takeaways

10) Both teams stopped complaining about the refs, technicals and flagrant fouls long enough to actually shoot the ball well

9) Pacer Fan chanted "He's A Flopper" at Dwyane Wade, since "He's Got A Ring" or "You Just Killed Us" would have just made their own players feel sad

8) I think we're all kind of depressed that Erik Spoelstra and Frank Vogel didn't throw down

7) Shane Battier went back to not being able to put it in the ocean, and the Heat, not surprisingly, went back to looking like a team that might actually be able to lose a game

6) David West knows his role, and that's to be the go to guy on a team that won't make it out of the second round

5) The narrative of LeBron James is the chokingest choker in chokendom kind of takes a hit when he's closing out teams on the road with clutch fourth quarter buckets

4) We can safely put to rest the sentence Roy Hibbert, Elite Center

3) Seeing how Larry Bird put this roster together, this must make him a secret lover of soft NBA players

2) Tyler Hansbrough can go back to absolute NBA anonymity

1) Wade took 25 shots to score 41 points a week after shouting at his coach and looking like Fred Sanford in shooting guard form, so I guess we're back to the Heat being the best team ever

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