Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sixers-Bulls Game Six: Top 20 Takeaways

20) For the first time in 9 years, the Sixers have won a playoff series, and all it took was multiple Chicago injury fatalities and the ugliest ball you've ever seen in your life

19) CJ Watson actually drove the length of the floor and gave it to Asik, a terrible free throw shooter, with 7 seconds left and the shot clock turned off, which shows that neither of these guys has any right to be on the court in the final seconds

18) Asik dunking with 25.8 seconds left should be the last word in the idea that the Sixers are a good defensive team

17) It's hard to shoot no free throws in the fourth quarter of a home closeout game until the final seconds, but that's just what the Sixers did

16) I had a really good joke here, but the Bulls rebounded it

15) To call most of this series unwatchable is right up there with calling water wet

14) Every Sixer Fan can recite, from memory, every team that came down from 3-1 to win in the playoffs now, simply from seeing it a hundred times

13) Chicago was able to play ball-control through much of the game by simply throwing the ball near the backboard

12) The real downside of this series ending is that one of the teams has to advance

11) Shockingly, Carlos Boozer did not come through in a big game on the road

10) Sixer Fan actually sold out the building and chanted, so I guess that means they believe, or just can't stand to watch the Phillies in the suddenly barren local sportscape

9) As soon as this series lost Derrick Rose, it also lost TNT and ESPN, and deservedly so

8) No coach in the Association shows ire faster after a turnover than Doug Collins

7) The Bulls live and die on the offensive boards, which means that in this series, they lived a lot

6) Lou Williams goes from dangerous bench scorer to why is he in the league, and back, faster than anyone in the Association

5) Rip Hamilton and Luol Deng should not be the best two players on the floor in a playoff game, and yet, they were

4) Philadelphia seems to think that the first half of every shot clock is for dribbling and staring

3) The Bulls led 25-2 at one point in second chance points, which shouldn't happen outside of a pro vs. high school game, and somehow lost anyway

2) Andre Iguodala gets to give the "don't want the ball in his hands in the last seconds" talk a rest for a good week or so, and now has one more playoff series win than Tracy McGrady

1) By ending this series in six, Philly gave themselves a real chance to punish the Association's viewers with a long second series

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